Praise and Worship Concert on the Farm

“…yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”
                                                                                        ~Habakkuk 3:18

There is something powerful about lifting our voices, in praise, to the Lord during hardship and uncertain times.  It’s as if, when we choose to worship God instead of focus on all that is wrong, we join with our faith in a tangible physical expression of our trust in the Lord.  It is in these moments, that we find that God moves in both ordinary, and extraordinary ways.  One only has to look at Acts 16:25-26 to see a real example.  Paul and Silas where in prison, mistreated, beaten, and had every opportunity to sulk and chew on the injustice done to them.  Instead, with their hands and feet shackled, they lifted their voices to the Lord and praised Him.  With a mighty movement, Paul and Silas were set free and their jailer became a believer in Jesus.  There is something that happens in us, and around us, when we let our hearts praise the Lord and not our circumstances.

Today, we have a similar choice.  Covid-19 is running rampant in our society.  You only have to turn on the news to see that riots abound, discord and injustice is running wild in our community, and malcontent lurks under the surface of our society.  We can choose to stay locked in our homes and chew on our circumstances, or we can come together and lift our praise to the Lord of Heaven, to Jesus Christ and cry out to God in worship.  Here on the Farm, we are choosing to lift our praise and worship the Lord.  You’re invited too.

August 15th, from 3 PM-7 PM, we are hosting a praise and worship event.  We will be practicing social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer will be available, and we will rock the Farm for the glory of heaven.

Plus, I’ll feed everyone that shows up.  It’s the Merrywhether Farm way.  SCORE!

This is a free event but tickets are required.  Please click the link below to go to Eventbrite and reserve your space now.  Space is limited.


Let’s be in agreement and join our voices to Habakkuk and “…yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”

Praise and Worship Concert