Our Story

We named Merrywhether Farm because we want to be merry, whether in sickness or health, in good times or bad; we are merry because we serve the Lord.

We are not merry in good times only; we want to praise God in every circumstance. We know what it is to have poor health, to sit at a spouse’s bedside and wonder if this is the last time. To live every day wondering how we’ll make it through, asking God for strength to help us. Help us, give us strength to do the farm chores tonight. To feel so sick and so tired and so defeated that to walk into the barn to feed the sheep looks like an insurmountable task, and the only way to accomplish it is through God’s strength.

In sickness, it is easy to question God, to ask why and shake our fist angrily at our circumstances. But it is through God that we can say, “God you are good, all the time,” even as we struggle.

The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

May we, in all circumstances, praise his name.

When sick, we praise him.

We have seen him perform miracles for others, and for us.

He has healed us both of some severe and incurable illnesses. Doctors are stunned. Some believe, some doubt, but we know what God has done for us.

In our newfound health, we find we can do more activities, plan more things, do more work for others.

But it was in our sickness and during hard times that we came to know him better. It was in our sickness that God said to start the farm ministry. In our sickness that he said to build more pastures, plant more trees, and plan for people to come to the farm.

God said, “Feed my sheep.”

And so this ministry has begun. We will feed people with spiritual food, telling of God’s infinite love, of our sin, of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, and that God raised him from the dead. Jesus is Lord! And we will feed people with food; some raised on the farm, some from others who wish to help.

Are you hungry?

Come and be fed.