Merrywhether Farm Ministry is a small farm located in SE Michigan in rural Monroe County.  Our mission is to give glory to God through feeding the food insecure of SE Michigan and NW Ohio, teaching them to be disciples of Christ, and equipping them to make disciples,   Food will be freely given to those who have need, whether single families who are having trouble feeding their family, or to Christian shelters that feed homeless and transient people.

The farm raises various animals and produce to feed people, whether through fruits and vegetables, honey, eggs, or from slaughtered animals such as chickens, sheep, or hogs. As God provides, the farm also uses livestock bi-products such as wax from beehives or wool from sheep to bless the community and/or raise money for the ministry.

Visitors, volunteers, and employees are taught about God, and those who become disciples of Christ receive further education in how to teach others about God.


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