Help Toledo

Relax, Don't Stress Out.

Welcome to the joint outreach with Citylight Church and Merrywhether Farm Ministries.  We have joined together to help meet extraordinary needs in extraordinary times.  The Covid-19 Pandemic virus has created a need and our community needs help.  Please consider helping us Help Toledo and the surrounding communities during this time.  

There are three ways you can HELP:

Material Donations:

We are accepting donations at Citylight Church in Toledo for the following items:

  • Packaged non-perishable foods
  • Bread
  • Packaged toiletries
  • Packaged daily living essentials

Donations can be dropped off at Monday through Friday at 11AM-5PM:

Citylight Church
201 E Alexis Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612
on the phone at 419-777-1131

Help Toledo by:

  • Sorting and sanitizing the donations.
  • Picking up and delivering donations.
  • Coordinating on the phone with volunteers, runners, and guests.


Tax deductible cash donations, to help us help Toledo and the surrounding community, can be made at:
Merrywhether Farm’s Donation Page
Citylight Church’s support page

If you need help:

Please contact us at either 419-777-1131 or 734-819-8325.  We would be blessed to walk through this situation with you.  

About us:

Citylight Church                                                            Merrywhether Farm Ministries
419-777-1131                                                                  734-819-8325
201 E Alexis Rd.                                                             13604 Minx Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612                                                          Ida, MI 48140

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