A Concert of Praise & Prayer & Intercession

America is a nation divided. We are divided politically, divided ideologically, and divided in so many other ways. It is time for that division to end. It is time for the church to rise up and contend for our nation on our knees before the throne of God. This is not about politics, or protesting. This is about one thing only, coming before the throne of God and praying for our nation. I urge you brothers and sisters, it is for such a time as this that we have been born. Let’s rise up and contend for this land and her people.

Instead of our normal concert of praise and Farm Day activities, we will be hosting a special service focused on Praise and Worship, Prayer, and Intercession. This day is a solemn day. aside from a kids service during the main event, there will be no games or petting farm. This is a day for Jesus Christ’s church to come before the throne of the Lord and contend for our nation. I pray that you be able to make it to the Farm and lift your voice with ours as we intercede for our land.

The special service takes place on 9/11/2021. The doors open at 11AM. The service begins at 1130AM. This event is totally free. There will be multiple worship bands, lite refreshments, and a few speakers. Additionally, there will be a special prayer service for our leaders, our public servants, and our armed forces to follow.

The concert takes place at Merrywhether Farm. We are located at 13604 Minx Rd., Ida MI 48140

Deep Calls to Deep

Deep calls to Deep. Some folks may recognize this phrase. To others, it might be a new one. Regardless, when you pause for a minute and ponder the meaning, you can get a sense of something profound. The depth of the oceans can only be matched by the depth (or in this case, height) of the atmosphere. The roaring of the winds in a tempest at sea can only be met by the shear magnitude of the waves tossed about on the surface of the waters. The roar of thunder is always preceded, and met by, the blinding brilliance of a bolt of lightning. Deep calls to deep.

The same can be said about humanity and our relationship to our creator, to God. The depth of His love for us is matched by the depth of His mercy. The depth of His mercy can be fathomed in the context of our need for His mercy. The depth of His love compared to the depth of our need to be redeemed.

This quote, Deep calls to Deep, comes from Psalms 42. Psalm 42 is a powerful Psalm. It shows us the loving kindness of the Lord in relation to the trials and tragedies that befall us. Any one that has walked this earth for any measure of time knows that hardships to come. This Psalm reminds us that, in the midst of the most harrowing trial, the depth of God always answers.

The theme for the 2021 Farm Season is “Deep calls to Deep”. Many lives in our community, and in our own families, have been radically altered recently. This season is an invitation to let the depth of God’s love for us answer the very circumstances that have haunted us and challenged us. SCORE!

So, check out our numerous bible studies, come to our Campfire Church Service or our monthly Concert of Praise, and check out for yourself the goodness of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.


  • Community Bible Study meets the 1st and 3rd Monday, at 7PM, of Each month.
  • Men’s Bible Study meets weekly on Thursdays at 9AM.
  • Concert of Praise occurs monthly, from 11AM-2PM, on the 2nd Saturday of each month
  • Campfire Church Service meets on the 4th Saturday of each month at 7PM.

We hope to see you on the Farm! SCORE!