Merrywhether Farm and COVID-19 relief.

It’s hard to image a time when we didn’t walk out the door each day in fear.  The days of blissful ignorance where we didn’t have to wear face masks, could shake hands and hug our neighbors, and no one knew what PPE (personal protective equipment) meant seem like a dream.  Yet, these are the days that we are called into.   This is the moment God has given us and this is precisely the moment that God has crafted for us.

Over the past several weeks, we have transitioned from being focused on getting the farm ready for a new season to one of outreach and feeding our community.  Within hours of the pandemic breaking loose in our area, our ministry freezers and food supplies were emptied. We went from tending animals to reaching into our community and feeding the scared, frightened, and hungry.  My days are largely spent in my pickup driving between stores, churches, food pantries, and hungry families.  I am either picking up food or delivering food.  At each stop, I offer words of encouragement and offer to pray.

Right now, people are scared and they are hurting.  They are afraid of the future and many know someone who is sick and dying.  This is the moment that we get to give people hope.  For our hope is not in man but in Jesus Christ.  We carry that hope with us and offer it to those we interact with.  SCORE! Blessed are we (you and me both) for we get to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

That said, if you are worried or hungry, please call us.  I’d love to encourage you, give you a meal, and share with you about our savior, Jesus Christ.  (All why practicing social distancing and wearing PPE)

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Because it has been so busy, I’ve not been able to make too many posts on our page about the Farm.  Yet, I have been updating Facebook.  If you’d like to see what’s happening, please check us out on Facebook.


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