Meet the newest addition to the Petting Farm

Last week, we were blessed with two little dairy heifers.  They are both pretty young and will need to be trained to be part of the petting farm.  Neither one of them is weaned, so that means a lot of 5AM  and 5PM feedings for the next several weeks. The little brown cow with the little white spot on her forehead is Buttercup and the little brown cow with the large white spot on her forehead is Daisy chain.  The first Farm Day of the season is a little less than 4 weeks away and these two have a lot to learn before they can make their Farm Day debut.  We are praying that they will be ready.  Speaking of Farm Day, come on out! We would love to have you on the Farm!  It’s May 11th, from 11 AM – 2PM.  The Farm Address and Information are at the bottom of this post.  We hope to see you here!