Welcome to Merrywhether Farm!

June 20th, 2022

Dear friends,

Victoria and I, and our board of elders, have been actively praying into this new farm season for several months now.  After much prayer and consideration, we have made the painful decision to end “official” ministry operations at Merrywhether Farm Ministries.

Over the past 7 ministry seasons, you have labored with us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community, to feed the hungry, to bring hope to those without hope, and minister, through the farm, to those that we encounter.  Over the past several years, with your help, we have fed, or distributed, ~167,000 meals and shared the good news of Jesus Christ  ~5,300 times.  What began as a moment of prayer as we took delivery of a couple of hogs became an incredible ministry that served our community and glorified Jesus Christ at every opportunity.

We can say with confidence, and you should be able to as well, that, through obedience, we accomplished what the Lord set out for us to do.  I say to you, those of you that have labored with us in this field, “Thank you”.  When we began, we were so overwhelmed by the amount of hurting and hungry people. So many people need to hear the good news and we were just 2 of God’s little lambs.  From our humble start, we couldn’t fathom what it would take to accomplish His work.  So, we prayed that God, the Lord of the Harvest, would send workers to help, and He did. He sent you.  With tears in my eyes, and the warm of the love of Christ, I say again and again, “Thank you”.

A defining entry into this work was praying over a single man who was recovering from a heart attack and preparing to pass away.  He was utterly broken and he encountered the love of Jesus here on the Farm.  The following seven years were filled with encounters just like this one.  Over the next couple of weeks, as we wind down operations, I will continue to share glimpses into the fruit that you sowed into over the years.

Please keep us in prayer as we navigate this new season.  Even though Merrywhether Ministries is ending, Victoria and I will still be sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, so please continue to lift us up in prayer as walk in surrender to our Lord, Jesus Christ who is the Hope of the World.  SCORE!

~Scott Gentry

Welcome to the Farm!  If this is your first time, or have any questions, contact us and say hello!  If you are a returning guest, we’re glad you came back!

Here on the Farm, we are unabashedly for Jesus.  We seek to live our lives for Him and, to us, that means that we seek to serve and empower the impoverished as well as our greater community.  We feed the hungry, offer a place of healing to the hurting, and equip our guests to be the change they want to see in their communities.  In other words, our purpose is to know God, through Jesus Christ, and make Him known.

There are plenty of opportunities to experience the farm!  Whether it’s through our Praise and Worship events, Bible Studies, Community Meals, or just volunteering on the Farm, we love to share the Farm with our community!

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